Inclusive Services

I'm conscious that many people face visible and invisible barriers to accessing services. I pledge to do all I can to remove those barriers and to facilitate equity of access to my assessments and therapy services, and want to make an active offer to ensure inclusion for people from marginalised groups.


You can expect me to do my best to meet your needs by making an active offer, for example of the Welsh language, use of an interpreter at my own cost, or meeting at accessible premises to suit your needs.


I pledge to continue to learn about structural inequalities and discrimination, and to analyse whether my practice is inadvertently excluding certain people or groups of people.


I know that one of the main barriers to private clinical psychology assessment and therapy is cost. For this reason, I offer 4 assessments per year at a reduced cost, and 1 ongoing therapy course at any time for those who might otherwise struggle to access my services.

To find out more about accessibility, reduced fees, or my equity policy, please do get touch

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